Give happy, live happy – let’s make Australia the happiest nation on earth!

There is an important relationship between volunteering and health and wellbeing. Relevant and reliable research has shown that volunteers report above average results in physical health, mental health and overall life satisfaction.

“Volunteering and community participation are core components in our health system – it is a vital part of civic engagement, and contributes to our community well-being,” said Adrienne Picone, CEO of Volunteering Tasmania.

“We see many people utilising our Volunteer Referral Service who have come to us to live happier lives through volunteering,” said Ms Picone.

“Whilst volunteering can’t cure mental health conditions, it can increase wellbeing and act as an antidote to isolation,” she said.

“Even in individuals already experiencing great mental health, volunteering often elicits a ‘Giver’s High’, which keeps them wanting to give their time to improve the lives of others,” she said.

“To be healthier and happier, research shows us that one of the best things we can do is to give back to others,” said Connie Digolis, CEO of the Mental Health Council of Tasmania.

“Volunteering reduces loneliness through increasing social connections and a more positive outlook. Ongoing volunteering is shown to contribute to overall better mental health,” she said.

“Research also shows volunteering plays a role in reducing stress and anxiety – all of which has a flow on effect of positive health outcomes,” she said.

Volunteers live happier and healthier lives. Pledge to volunteer this National Volunteer Week and join the 6 million Australians helping make Australia the happiest place on Earth. Volunteer today, so you too can Give Happy, Live Happy.

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