Sign the petition and give your support for volunteering

Volunteering is the backbone of our community. Without volunteers many of our services, events and festivals just wouldn’t happen.

In Tasmania, 4 in 5 people generously give 7.1 million hours every year to our community. This donation of time has been valued at $4.9 billion.

But volunteering doesn’t just happen on its own.  At Volunteering Tasmania we believe everyone deserves the opportunity for safe and meaningful volunteer roles. That’s why we offer services like Volunteer Connect – so people wanting to volunteer have a place to go to search for one that suits them.

We also believe in making it as easy as possible for community groups to find and keep volunteers. That’s why we offer help for thousands of community groups who are looking for volunteers. We also give free advice on how  to look after their volunteers.

We are able to do this work because the Turnbull Government funds organisations like ours to support volunteering across Australia.

Sadly, the Turnbull Government has now decided to remove the funding that helps us deliver these services. Our ability to help make volunteering happen will be weakened without this support.

We need your help to change the Turnbull Government’s mind.

Let them know that you support volunteering and Volunteering Tasmania by signing the petition below:  [Note: Petition now closed]