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Fast Facts about volunteering

How many people volunteer in Tasmania?

In 2014, 4 in 5 Tasmanians were engaged in volunteering in the last twelve months. This statistic includes formal volunteering, corporate volunteering and informal volunteering.
This translates to approximately 7.1 million hours donated in Tasmania over a twelve month period.

How do people volunteer?

Volunteering can happen both formally through an organisation or group or informally through providing assistance and care to others in our communities. Volunteering Tasmania recognises the importance of both ways of contributing and acknowledges both forms of contributions in a foundational policy statement setting out how volunteering is defined in Tasmania in our modern day.
This policy is reflected in our 2014 State of Volunteering Report which surveyed volunteering in Tasmania by asking whether individuals ‘gave time’ to those outside their family – rather than focusing on unpaid work. As a result out 2014 State of Volunteering Report showed that:
• 16.7% of Tasmanians volunteer informally
• 63.1% volunteer through an organisation