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Value of Volunteering Calculator

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How old are you?

How many hours do you volunteer?


How much do you personally spend on your volunteering per month?

In , the replacement cost of your volunteering contribution would be $ each year.

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How many hours do people volunteer with your organisation?


How much does your organisation spend on your volunteers per month?

Your organisation delivers $ in value to the community each year.

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What is 'replacement cost'?

The replacement cost of an individual's time is calculated with reference to the Australian Bureau of Statistics' data for on the average part-time wage earnings of each age cohort, indexed for employer on-costs. This is added to the cost of relevant resources acquired by the individual in pursuit of their volunteering.

In other words, it is the amount of money a business would have to spend to replace the overall contribution of the individual volunteer.

What is 'value'?

The value a volunteer-involving organisation delivers to the community is a different measure to replacement cost. It aggregates the commercial, community and individual benefits created by each act of volunteering, and includes things like:

  • The employment and tax revenue created by the direct expenditure of individuals and organisations on volunteering
  • The costs avoided by civic institutions such as government departments of health, education, emergency services and the like
  • The productivity surplus enjoyed by employers as a result of their employees' volunteering
  • The wellbeing benefits returned to individuals and the community

You can use the replacement cost and value calculators interchangeably for individuals and organisations; however, the value calculator is not sensitive to age differences.

Where can I learn more?

The methodology used to motivate these calculations is fully disclosed in , published by the Institute of Project Management.

For more information on the findings and how you might use this information to promote the value of your activity in , please contact .