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Emergency volunteering

Concerned members of the public wanting to help:

It is in times of emergency that the spirit of volunteering is most obvious – communities, families and even strangers come together to help out.   Tasmania is very lucky to have a number of emergency volunteer organisations who step in the moment a disaster happens.   If you are interested in being a front-line emergency volunteer please visit the following website:  www.emergencyvolunteers.tas.gov.au

But what about immediately afterwards?  What about the days, weeks, even months that follow?  This is called the ‘disaster recovery’ period and volunteers are needed here more than ever.  Volunteering Tasmania is proud to play a key role in connecting volunteers and their skills to people, places and organisations who need it most.  We maintain a database of ‘willing volunteers’, people who want to contribute in some way to help others through disaster recovery.

Called EV CREW – we ask that you sign up and share with us your ideas on how you can help.   Once a disaster area is declared safe, and a volunteering organisation has ‘activated’ the EV CREW asking for volunteers, we will contact you, based on your availability, location and what you can offer by way of help. Sharing of tools and equipment is very popular, as is the collection and distribution of emergency supplies, but there are hundreds of ways to help after an emergency. Please register your interest today – don’t wait until an emergency happens.  Your details are completely secure via our data and privacy policies.

If you have already registered for EV CREW, please make sure your details and availability is up to date. Similarly, if you are no longer available, please log in and de-register.

Thank you so much for your kindness, Tasmania!

Volunteer Involving Organisations

Is your organisation receiving expressions of interest from people wanting to volunteer to help in the recovery?  When your organisation is ready and you know what help you need, we may be able to source additional volunteers for you.

To register your organisation contact us by calling 6231 5550 or email emergencyvol@volunteeringtas.org.au