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“Southern Cross Austereo is proud to  a major partner of the Southern Cross 2017 Tasmanian Volunteering Awards. Building a better Tasmania is at the core of everything we do at Southern Cross and integral to this is the recognition that we all have a responsibility to make a positive contribution to those who require support.

“We work with a wide range of community and charitable organisations to help them deliver their positive messages to Tasmanians and in the majority of these cases the generosity of volunteers is at the core of their success. These Awards are a great way of recognising the hard work and sacrifice made by a very special group in our community.”
Ally Bradley
General Manager Sales and Creative

Anglicare Tasmania

Anglicare Tasmania is a non-profit organisation providing a wide range of community services to the people of Tasmania. We are part of the national Anglicare Australia network of organisations.

Anglicare advocates for social justice and aids people in times of need. We provide programs relating to health, accommodation, families, substance abuse and more.

“Anglicare Lifestyle are delighted to partner with the Tasmanian Volunteering Awards. Volunteers contribute significant time and energy enabling others to live with hope, justice, respect and compassion which are the values that underpin Anglicare Lifestyle”.
Jenny Self, Chief Operating Officer, Anglicare Lifestyle.

Anglicare is honoured to work with many passionate and skilled volunteers and staff, and is aided greatly by charitable donations. If you find yourself in a position to help us, please visit the Get Involved page.

CatholicCare Tasmania

CatholicCare Tasmania responds to individuals, families, and the community by offering a broad range of specialised professional services available to all. Our particular strength is in our family focused, child centred approach, recognising that whatever impacts on family, also impacts on children.

“CatholicCare Tasmania is delighted to be support the Tasmanian Volunteering Awards. We value the personal commitment and dedication volunteers bring to their roles in the community. This commitment supports and assists all people whose lives they touch, to reach their fullest potential with dignity and respect.”
Mandy Clarke, Chief Operating Officer, CatholicCare

Volunteering with CatholicCare is an enriching experience.  Learn about the many ways to get involved.

Mandy Clarke, Chief Operating Officer, CatholicCare Tasmania

Hydro Tasmania

Hydro Tasmania has a long-standing culture of playing an active role in the communities in which we operate and where our people and their families live and work. Our history demonstrates over a century of contributing to the cultural, social and economic fabric of Tasmania. Now, through our major projects, consulting and retail services, philanthropy and employee volunteering our community extends from Tasmania across Australia and includes international partnerships.

“Hydro Tasmania is very proud that our employee volunteering program won this award last year. In an increasingly busy and complex world it’s often the things happening in our local community that have the biggest impact on us. People who volunteer and those who work in the sector are vital to our way of life. These awards recognise all the people who create an environment where volunteering can flourish”.
Kate Hickey, Stakeholder and Community Coordinator, Hydro Tasmania

To learn more about Hydro Tasmania’s community involvement, visit their Community Programs page.

Kate Hickey, Stakeholder and Community Coordinator, Hydro Tasmania

Lifeline Tasmania

Lifeline is a national charity providing all Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services.  Lifeline was founded in 1963 by the late Reverend Dr. Sir Alan Walker, when he took a call from a distressed man who later took his own life. Determined not to let isolation and lack of support be the cause of more deaths, Sir Alan launched a 24-hour crisis support line. This service (13 11 14) now answers around 1,800 calls each day, with around 50 calls from people at high risk of suicide.

Lifeline’s services are now made possible through the efforts of around 1,000 staff and 11,000 volunteers, operating from over 60 locations nationwide.

“Lifeline Tasmania is honoured to be sponsoring the Tasmanian Emergency Services Volunteer Award. Lifeline Tasmania has 380 volunteers and recognises the significant contribution that volunteers make to our community. Volunteers working in emergency services and ‘informal volunteers’ are critical to assisting those individuals, families and communities who face crisis and the long road to recovery after a disaster.”
Debbie Evans, CEO, Lifeline

Lifeline is looking for people from all walks of life who would like to make a commitment to regular volunteer work and who are willing to learn new skills, support others and work within the vision and values of Lifeline.  By volunteering your time and skills to Lifeline you can help people in crisis, find out more on our website.


We know there’s more to life than work…there’s also volunteering!  The team at MyState is passionate about making a positive contribution to the Tasmanian community. MyState’s Hands On Volunteer Program gives our staff the chance to spend one working day per year with a non-profit organisation of their choice.

The rewards of volunteering flow both ways. While the non-profit organisations and charities benefit from the extra help, our team members have the privilege of seeing first hand the incredible work done by so many organisations in our community, and the positive impact that even a few hours of help can have.

“We live in a vibrant state, where dedicated, talented people in the Tasmanian Community achieve great things every day. MyState is privileged to support and encourage them through our many community projects and initiatives.”
Melos Sulicich Managing Director and CEO MyState Limited

There are many willing hands at MyState, so if you know a charitable organisation that could use some Hands On Volunteers, please let us know by calling 138 001.

NRM South

Natural Resource Management (NRM) is about using our resources wisely and sustainably while protecting the environment. NRM South is one of three natural resource management bodies in Tasmania and forms part of a national network of 56 similar bodies. NRM South is formed under the Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Act 2002; we work closely with government, landholders, research organisations, community groups and others to build partnerships, lead on-ground action and share information resources and knowledge about our region. We are focused on delivering economic benefit to the community and the state and demonstrating the value of managing our natural assets.

“NRM South works to protect, sustainably manage and improve our natural resources for the shared environmental, social and economic benefit of the community. We could not do this without the tireless efforts of the many volunteers working in the natural resource management sector to protect and enhance our environment.
Donald Coventry, Chief Executive Officer, NRM South

There are over 140 active volunteer groups working in Landcare, Coastcare, Wildcare, as well as schools, agricultural groups and networks. It is the passion of these individuals that helps care for the environment we all enjoy.  For more information on our project areas, and our community support and grants program, please visit our website.

Tasplan Super

“Businesses mindful of their influence in communities can deeply impact lives, beyond just the products and services they offer. What better way to do this than engaging with volunteering, which regularly touches the lives of the 100,000 members Tasplan represents. We’re thrilled to again be sponsoring the Corporate Award, and applaud this years’ entrants and their employees for choosing to make a positive difference.”
Nick Connor, Chief Operations Officer, Tasplan Super

In addition to supporting Volunteering Tasmania, Tasplan Super is a committed supporter of SuperFriend.   SuperFriend is a national mental health promotion foundation focused on creating mentally healthy workplaces to reduce the incidence of suicide and the impact of mental illness on individuals and organisations. SuperFriend’s programs are focused on early prevention and response. The program’s goal is to reduce the incidence of suicide and the impact of mental illness on individuals, workplaces, friends and families.