Motion against $7.4 million Federal funding cut to volunteer support services offers hope

Volunteering Peak Bodies from around the country met in Canberra this week to lobby parliament against the abolishment of a […]

Volunteering Tasmania to lobby against Federal Budget cuts

Volunteering Tasmania will be joining forces with volunteering organisations across Australia to lobby the Turnbull Government for increased recognition of […]

VT’s new CEO – why she took the job..

Having the opportunity to lead the organisation that supports and advocates on the behalf of Tasmania’s volunteers was a key […]

VT’s new CEO responds to funding uncertainty

Alison Lai, the CEO of Tasmania’s volunteering Peak body, Volunteering Tasmania, has echoed the sentiments in Volunteering Australia’s Federal Government […]

Federal funding for volunteering under review

There is a high level of uncertainty facing the Australian volunteering industry, due to the Federal Government currently reviewing the […]