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Tasmanian Volunteering Symposium Roadshow 2018

BREAKING NEWS!  Our 2018 Volunteering Tasmania Symposium is taking to the road, in early September.

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary we are planning a great day of thinking, chatting and learning.

The format will combine everything you love about our Networking meetings with leading edge thinkers and practitioners within the volunteering realm.
If there is a particular topic or speaker that you would like to hear from please let us know.

Tasmanian Volunteering Symposium 2017

Thank you to all who attended this year’s Volunteering Symposium, with over 80 participants, it was a great success.

Facilitated in conjunction with the University of Tasmania’s Institute for the Study of Social Change, the symposium focused on two of today’s hottest volunteering topics –  keeping volunteers safe and youth volunteering.

Overall the feedback from the event was extremely positive, with one attendee, Corporate Member Louise Bearman (MyState Bank), sending us this message:

“It was a fantastic event, I thoroughly enjoyed the debate and the presentations/ Q & A.

For me personally I got so much out of the event. It was entertaining, informative and gave me a lot of insights into how organisations operate with their volunteers.

From the corporate side of volunteering, I can see how hard it is for a lot of organisations to accommodate a group of volunteers.  A lot of organisations need the regular support.

It has made me also more aware of the culture and difficulties that can occur with managing volunteers, something that we are trying to set the right framework around.

What was the format of the 2017 Symposium?

The format was split into a Debate focusing on the statement “Young people don’t like volunteering”; followed by a series of three speakers in an Expert Q&A Panel, each presenting real world examples and practical approaches to ensuring the physical, mental and social well-being of volunteers.

The Debate “Young People Don’t Like Volunteering”

Our debaters included a range of experienced (and sometimes feisty!) Tasmanian volunteers, volunteering professionals and community members with unique insights and perspectives:

AGREE – Peter West, CEO of the RSPCA, Chris Wisbey from ABC Radio and Anneliese Smith formally from the Migrant Resource Centre (South)

DISAGREE – Emily Briffa from Hamlet Café, Tommy Windsor, Captain of the well-known Mobart Mo Bros (Movember Foundation) and Kate Cashman, passionate volunteer and academic

The Expert Panel “Keeping Volunteers Safe – physically, mentally, socially”

The Expert Panel includes Ian Fullagar, nationally renowned lawyer and current General Counsel for Surf Life Saving Australia (and a proud Tasmanian!), Michael Bruhn, the Sea Shepherd’s Tasmania Coordinator and Lois Berry from the Hospice Care Association of North West Tasmania.

To download the event program, which includes biographies of the speakers, click here.

To view photos from the event, please visit our Facebook album.  More photos will be posted shortly.

To download the 2017 Tasmanian Volunteering Symposium Flyer click here.