ICC World Cup volunteer thank you event

Last Sunday night, our CEO Adrienne Picone had the privilege of speaking at the ICC World Cup volunteer thank you event at Blundstone Arena.

Volunteers are essential to sport. Thanks to everyone who gave their time at this event, and those who volunteer at all other sporting events, every day.

Do you need volunteers for your sporting event? Contact us.


Thanks to Events Tasmania for the great photos.

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Plans to overhaul the definition of volunteering in Australia

The definition of volunteering in Australia is being reviewed to consider the new ways people give their time under a proposal released today by Volunteering Australia.

Volunteering Australia CEO Brett Williamson said the definition of volunteering in Australia was developed almost 20 years ago (1996) and did not reflect the extent of volunteering today.

“A lot of volunteering that is common today simply didn’t exist 20 years ago,” Mr Williamson said.

Mr Williamson said the current definition that it only recognises formal volunteering undertaken for non‐profit organisations. The narrow definition does not recognise aspects of virtual volunteering, social entrepreneurship, corporate volunteering, volunteering for government organisations such as museums nor does it cover informal volunteering in the community.

“The spirit of volunteering hasn’t changed, but it’s important we refine what volunteering means in Australia to make sure we better recognise, measure and support it,” he said.

“ABS figures show one in three Australians – 6.1 million people – volunteered in 2010. If we don’t accurately recognise the types of volunteering people do, we risk undervaluing it.”

“In reviewing what volunteering is, we also need to be clearer about what volunteering isn’t.”

“The rise of internships, work for the dole programs, and community service orders has created grey areas for organisations. They want to know if these activities overlap with volunteering, particularly
around roles, rights and responsibilities.”

Volunteering Australia’s issues paper raises the following key issues for consideration:

  • Benefit to the community (versus primary benefit to an individual or organisation)
  • No payment or financial reward
  • Only unpaid work? (should certain types of activity be included or excluded?)
  • Choice? (whose choice is it and are there degrees of choice?)
  • Structure– is it only volunteering if performed for a charity? Can organisations volunteer?

The release of the Issues Paper today marks the start of a national engagement on the definition of volunteering. Stakeholder information sessions will follow and an online survey for all Australians to
submit their views will be open from 16 March to 17 April 2015 on Volunteering Australia’s website.

The Issues Paper, titled ‘National Review of the Definition of Volunteering in Australia’ is available onVolunteering Australia’s website

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New National Standards for Volunteer Involvement

The new National Standards for Volunteer Involvement have been significantly rewritten. They are now clear, easy to understand and simple to use. They also take into account an organisation’s size, and the different types of volunteering.

If you coordinate or manage volunteers, have management or governance responsibility in organisations that work with volunteers, are a volunteer yourself, or simply have an interest in theNational Standards, then find out more and have your say and at an upcoming Consultation and Information session. Or provide us with your thoughts via the survey. Your feedback is vital.

We want to know if the revised Standards meet your needs and will be a useful tool for your organisation.

Read the draft here

Complete the survey here

Any questions, contact Lana on (03) 6432 4335 or at LanaD@volunteeringtas.org.au

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