Our CEO Adrienne Picone speaks this afternoon at the DSS Grants process Senate Enquiry

This afternoon, at 2:45pm, our CEO Adrienne Picone will be speaking in Canberra at the Senate Enquiry into the DSS Grants process.

Adrienne will be discussing the flaws in the process, as well as the serious results, including that:

  • The vast majority of Tasmania will be served by an external provider that is not based in the State (and has never been), and is without community connections
  • The DSS have provided us with no rationale for this decision, despite many enquiries
  • These actions are at odds with the DSS’ stated objective of providing “a foundation for integrated, community-led program delivery that understands and meets local needs.”
  • The result for Tasmania has been a state peak body with a reduction in core funding, affecting our ability to continue the great work we do throughout the state.

You can watch Adrienne, and the other speakers live here

Volunteering Tasmania has a long and strong history of service to Tasmanians throughout the state. We have many strong relationships with individuals, organisations and local and state Government. We possess in-depth, localised knowledge, based on solid research and anecdotal industry feedback. We are committed to Tasmania and Tasmanians, and have a highly skilled and experienced team of local people. Like many in our sector, Volunteering Tasmania is frustrated by the DSS Grants process, and baffled by the results.

For more background, please see the following documents:

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