Response and Recovery – helping during the changing phases of an emergency

Only trained Emergency Services volunteers are needed in the initial response phase of a disaster or crisis. If you are interested in volunteering with the emergency services including the Tasmania Fire Service (TFS), State Emergency Services (SES) Ambulance Tasmania and St John Ambulance, sign up through Join, Learn and Be Ready so that you can be trained and ready to help in the next emergency.

EV CREW offers assistance in the recovery phase, which may not commence for weeks or even months after an event occurs. Even though this type of assistance may take longer to begin, it is still extremely valuable to the communities rebuilding after terrible events like the recent floods in Tasmania. To help in the recovery phase, register for EV CREW today, and wait til we call on you for help

Organisations seeking volunteers for the recovery phase should contact us on 6231 5550 or email

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What is EV CREW and how can it help in disaster recovery?

EV CREW stands for Emergency Volunteering – Community Response to Extreme Weather.

EV CREW is a service run by Volunteering Tasmania to link up people wanting to help, with organisations needing assistance to deliver services during the recovery phase.

There is no charge for individuals or organisations – you can sign up for free.

The database used in the EV CREW service captures information like when and where you can help, what equipment you have access to (like off-road vehicles, earthmoving equipment, portable cooking facilities or even tools like chainsaws), and whether you have any particular skills which might apply to the needs of the community.

Organisations can then contact VT (6231 5550 or, and if they meet the criteria to become an approved service through EV CREW, they can request volunteers for their recovery campaign or project.

We will then run a report and seek matches, sending appropriate volunteers to the organisation when and where they are needed.
To channel your goodwill and help when it’s needed most, please register here

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ALP announces a commitment to the community sector

Earlier today, the ALP announced their commitment to the Community Sector and volunteering.

Many Volunteer Involving Organisations have been affected by the $270million that the Abbott-Turnbull Government has removed from the community sector.

With volunteering in Tasmania a $4.9 billion industry, and 7.1 million hours donated by volunteers, future investment in our industry is long overdue. We welcome this announcement from the ALP.

ALP Media Release 8 June 2016 – Community Sector

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Extreme weather events in Tasmania – how to help

Concerned members of the public wanting to help

We all want to do something to help those affected by the extreme weather around the state; but right now, Tasmania’s emergency services are responding. Please stay away from the affected areas and help keep the roads clear for emergency vehicles.  No additional assistance is required from volunteers at this time but your help may be needed once the local communities’ situation has been assessed.

When it’s safe, volunteers may be required to support approved organisations involved in the recovery. Register your interest with Emergency Volunteering CREW (Community Response to Extreme Weather) and you may be matched to an organisation involved in the disaster recovery, see

You will be contacted if and when your availability, location and skills are needed.  But be patient, it might take weeks or months as the needs of the local community are gauged and recovery programs begin.

Register for EV CREW today at  It’s an effective and safe way to help your community.

Volunteer Involving Organisations

Is your organisation receiving expressions of interest from people wanting to volunteer to help with the current emergencies around the state?

With the current situations, your team might not have the capacity to manage enquiries from the public wanting to volunteer.

Invite them to register on EV CREW via Their skills, location and availability will be recorded and they’ll be contacted if and when their help is needed.

When your organisation is ready and you know what help you need, we may be able to source additional volunteers for you.

To register your organisation contact an EV CREW Client Relationship Manager, through Volunteering Tasmania. Call 6231 5550 or email

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An important announcement from the CEO

To the Tasmanian volunteering community,

Due to a reduction in funding and changes in the sector, Volunteering Tasmania has recently been required to review the way that we provide services.

As a result, with the main objective of continuation of quality service to the whole state, the Board has decided to move staff into new roles and streamline some programs.

We see this as an opportunity to thoroughly reassess what we do and how we do it, and as a result provide you, the Tasmanian volunteering community, with a more relevant and useful service. We are proud of our history of great service, but shifting demands in the sector have made these changes necessary to ensure we are still giving you what you need, now and into the future.

The most significant of these changes is that we will be closing our North West office on 15 June 2016.

The VT office in South Burnie opened in January 2006 and we have had some talented and dedicated staff members in that time who have all done a wonderful job for the organisation. We are very proud of their achievements and the networks they have built in that time.

All of us at Volunteering Tasmania have thoroughly enjoyed working with Lana Davis, the VT Volunteer Management Consultant for the North West Region. Her passion for volunteering is enormous, and she has made a huge contribution to our organisation and the sector whilst she has been in this role. Sadly, Lana will be leaving VT when the South Burnie office closes.

Our Hobart and Launceston offices will remain open but the focus of these offices will change. We will be strengthening the way that we can practicably support organisations to find the volunteers they need and keep them. We also want to make it easier for people to find volunteer roles that are a good fit for them.

There will still be regular Network Meetings statewide, general advice and support for managers of volunteers statewide, and access to VT resources. Our services will continue to be provided to the sector all across Tasmania, from our Hobart and Launceston bases.

This is not a decision the Board has taken lightly. Maintaining relationships with you, and ongoing provision of excellent service across the entire state, is of paramount importance to us.

All enquiries can be directed to, and I will respond to you personally.


Adrienne Picone, CEO, Volunteering Tasmania

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions

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