Funding Commitment Eases Pressure

Volunteering Tasmania has welcomed yesterday’s announcement by the Liberal Government that if re-elected they will apply indexation and increase core funding provided to community peak organisations managed by the Department of Premier and Cabinet.
Volunteering Tasmania chief executive office, Alison Lai said that it was a relief to have clarity on a longstanding issue that was threatening to destabilise a number of peak organisations.
“The lack of indexation on the peak body funding agreements managed by the Department of Premier and Cabinet is not a new issue and one that has been haunting us all for a number of years,” Alison said.
“It’s also an issue that has been testing the financial resilience and stability of a number of community peak organisations who have genuinely been struggling to maintain services in the face of increasing costs and expectations.
“Volunteering Tasmania hasn’t been immune to those issues so it’s a relief to finally get certainty and a commitment from the Liberal Government on how they plan to address it.
“We now have commitments from both the Labor and Liberal parties to provide indexation, and the modest boost in core funding was an unexpected but greatly welcomed commitment from the Liberal Government.”
Acknowledging the importance of core funding for the sustainability of peak organisations, Alison applauded the Liberal Government’s commitment to recognise three new peaks.
“Carers Tasmania, The Tasmanian Men’s Shed Association and RSL Tasmania are incredibly important organisations undertaking valuable work in our community,” Alison said.
“It’s wonderful to have them elevated to a peak body status, and have a commitment that would provide increased financial sustainability so that they can continue to undertake their important work.”