NRM South Environment, Animal Care and Conservation Award: 2018 Finalists (in alphabetical order)

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Norma Baker – Wildlife Carer, North East Tasmania

At eighty years of age Norma Baker works alone and has done for over fifty years. She has released many healthy wombats, wallabies, birds, lizards, bandicoots, platypus, Tasmanian devils, bettongs, tawny frogmouths, kookaburras and more, back into the wild during this time.

It is her passion, her life, her reason for being. Norma is inspirational to many, tourists and locals alike. People are now aware to look for joeys in the pouch of any road kill they come across. How to safely bring them to her door and to drag the dead animals off the road too, so that other animals are not killed. She is inspiring people to care and look after wild animals, to appreciate their place in our world.


Matt Dell – South West Coast Marine Debris Clean Up

For twenty years Matt has coordinated and kept alive the annual South West Coast Marine Debris clean up. The oceans, wildlife, and future generations of Tasmania are the beneficiaries of Matt’s work which involves unique and difficult expedition with a group of thirty people with five fishing boats.

Over the years dozens of tons of plastic waste and other debris have been removed from the South West Coast. Whilst businesses and individual polluters horrify many of us, people like Matt Dell inspire.


Michelle Jesson – North East Animal Sanctuary

Michelle established and runs the North East Animal Sanctuary Tasmania, the only sanctuary of its sort in the North East of Tasmania. She is responsible for the day to day running and care of the majority of the animals in the sanctuary. By creating this sanctuary Michelle has ensured that people can do the right thing and adopt neutered, microchipped pets or surrender unwanted pets.

By creating the sanctuary, Michelle has personally aided hundreds of people in not only finding their perfect pet, but has also created a safe non-judgmental space for people to surrender their pets/unwanted animals. She has also commenced an education program, encouraging owners to neuter, microchip and vaccinate their pets and has bought together people in the community, uniting them in their love of animals and passion about animal welfare. The sanctuary may have only been established for two years but Michelle has already created something for the Dorset community to be proud of.


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