Hydro Tasmania Award for Best Practice in Volunteer Management: 2018 Finalists (in alphabetical order)

Abi Binning – Executive Officer, Wide Angle Tasmania

Abi Binning is the Executive Officer for Wide Angle Tasmania (WAT), a not for profit organisation with a mission to encourage, develop & support Tasmanian screen practitioners.

Abi has a genuine interest in supporting people and identifying their strengths and their passions. This enables her to direct the volunteer into an experience that is rewarding for them and those they are connected with.  Through her work with WAT members and film makers, Abi identified the need to connect individuals with more mentors, practitioners, projects and opportunities.

Over the last twelve months WAT has engaged with 200 volunteers, in positions ranging from the WAT Board to live productions. The film sector is built on an ethos of reciprocity, cooperation and sharing, and Abi has developed a program that supports that ethos.


Christine Gimblett – President, Lions Club of Brighton

Christine has an energy and enthusiasm that is memorable and draws people together, enabling her to re-invigorate the Brighton Lions Club that she is currently the president of. Through warmth, engagement and excellent listening, Christine identifies peoples’ strengths and interests and tailors their volunteering tasks accordingly – and in doing so helps them develop new skills.

Christine makes sure everyone feels included, despite big differences in social backgrounds. She has introduced a Youth Mental Health First Aid training to Brighton’s Grade 9 students, which was part-funded by a Car and Bike Show that brought exhibitors and visitors from all over the state.  She also applied for various grants, ran other community activities and approached many local organisations to help fund this program, now in its second year.

Christine has assisted in tripling the attendance of the Brighton Christmas Carols which is a family event that crosses social barriers; and also operates a CatholicCare craft/social group for 6+. As a volunteer she dedicates herself full-time to help make the Brighton community a better place.


Liz Lord – Volunteers Coordinator, Australian Wooden Boat Festival Inc

Liz Lord is the Volunteers Coordinator for the MyState Australian Wooden Boat Festival.  Her responsibilities include the recruitment, registration, training and assignment of more than 400 volunteers for this biennial event.

One of the challenges when dealing with a large group of volunteers is ensuring that each individual feels engaged, cared for and valued to which Liz approaches with a highly effective system of project teams dedicated to particular needs.

Her personal touch, face-to-face or on the telephone, maintains a sympathetic, positive relationship with each volunteer from the first point of contact. She is tireless during the event, running a calm, restful ‘volunteers centre’ on the festival site where workers can rest and restore themselves. The festival’s reputation for friendliness, inclusion and enthusiasm is the result of a culture created and maintained by the Volunteers Coordinator, Liz Lord.