Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania Arts, Heritage and Tourism Award: 2018 Finalists (in alphabetical order)

Dallas Baker OAM – Friends of Deal Island Wildcare Inc

Over the years, Dallas and his wife Shirley have been caretakers on Deal Island three times, which lead to the formation of Friends of Deal Island Wildcare Inc.  A program of two working bees per year was commenced where the major tasks were the restoration and preservation of the lighthouse and station.

Involved with fundraising, planning teams, organising food supplies, managing travel arrangements and coordinating restorative work on the heritage buildings. He has managed the last two bees in Nov. 2017 and Feb. 2018. He continues to plan future working bees, funds permitting.

Dallas is well recognised for his contribution and energy to inspire volunteers to work on Deal Island.  He is never without team members. Dallas is a team player and always works to have “new” faces on the bees.  Dallas spent three years on the Board of Wildcare and one year on the board of Volunteering Tasmania learning and contributing in areas of his expertise.  Dallas has also contributed time and effort to Maatsuyker and Tasman Island working bees. He continues to make a difference.


Trevor Clark – President, Exeter Show Society

Trevor Clark has been a member of the Exeter Show Society for thirty years.  For the last twenty years he has served as the President. Trevor leads a membership of thirty keen volunteers to maintain the grounds and buildings for use by Community Organisations, Sporting Groups and the general community.

Trevor chairs the monthly meetings of the Exeter Show Society and encourages all members to participate in discussion and decision making. He manages and oversees the workings of the annual Exeter Show, which is a huge task. Trevor lives and breathes The Exeter Show Society.

He encourages everyone on the committee to work together and focus on a common outcome.  He leads by example and works so hard, yet always thanks and shows his appreciation to everyone for their help. He is always available to support the executive members of the committee, even on short notice, to meet with us, guide us and help solve any problems we may encounter in our roles.


Allan and Marg Leeson  – Cradle Coast Authority, Australian Masters Games, Cruise Ship guides

Allan and Marg have a wide range of volunteering experience behind them, for example, supporting the Cruise Ship guides by ensuring numbers are sustained, producing a newsletter and a guide book to assist in the training of new volunteers.

They also contributed significantly to the success of the  Australian Masters Games by helping the tourism industry prepare for the influx of visitors – by doing an accommodation supply and demand analysis across the North West and West coasts and developing a restaurant guide.  These tasks took significant collaboration and leadership and the region was increasingly united as a consequence.

The time and passion that Allan and Marg freely give to support visitors, tourism and the local industry, is truly inspirational. They act as mentors to many “millennials” and constantly demonstrate what it means to be a leader and what it means to give back to your community.