Volunteer’s love of art inspires hands-on art studio at aged care facility

Christine first became involved in volunteering at Glenview during a promotional Seniors Week event four years ago and hasn’t looked back since.  During this time she has developed a strong connection with one of the residents, Angela, whom she discovered is a prominent artist and taught art in private schools in Sydney for many years.

“This has been a very strong link between us as I have always been passionate about art,” Christine said.

The two spend time together on regular outings into the community where they do sketching together and a lot of time, they simply enjoy talking about art.

Part of Christine’s volunteer role at Glenview has also involved setting up an area where residents have the opportunity to ‘have a go’ at drawing or painting or just to be an onlooker.

“This is challenging for me to see what the residents are able to produce, given that most of them have never drawn before and are convinced that they could never do it.  The terrific results prove the opposite. With persuasion, there have been many good examples of wonderful art and paintings that the residents have been able to create.

“This alone gives me such great satisfaction.”

Story supplied by Glenview Community Services, a valued Member and supporter of Volunteering Tasmania.   Glenview run volunteer befriending programs and endeavour to find common interests for the benefit of their volunteers and residents.  For more information about Glenview and the volunteer and community programs they run, please visit their website.