Bulk Nutrients Sport and Recreation Award

Sport and recreational activities are enjoyed by almost all Tasmanians – people of every age enjoy spending their leisure time doing activities at schools, clubhouses and indoor/outdoor recreational venues across the state. Many of these organised activities would not run without the generous support of volunteers who turn up consistently and help with a huge variety of tasks. The Bulk Nutrients Sport and Recreation Award aims to recognise those dedicated people who give up their spare time for the enjoyment of others.


Shelley Miller –  Athletics Tasmania

Shelley is a volunteer with Athletics Tasmania and is its first female president. She has championed recreational running for over ten years and was a founding member of Tasmanian Road Runners.

Shelley has held many volunteer positions in the sporting community. She has been race director for numerous high-profile events, including the Cadbury Marathon, City to Casino Fun Run & Walk, and state cross-country championships. In 2018 she volunteered at over a dozen community fun runs, providing the necessary assistance to provide safe, well-organised events.

Shelley leads by example in all aspects of her involvement in the running community and is well-known for her contributions. She champions women’s involvement in sport and sports management, mentors women to assume management roles, and has coached many runners to their first fun run.

Shelley is influential in improving the governance and management of sporting events and her contributions over the years have improved safety and participant experience in community fun runs.

The finalists are:

Jason Schmidt –  Hurricanes Inclusion Cup

Jason Schmidt volunteers with the Hurricane’s Inclusion Cup for junior cricketers living with disability. He is dedicated to ensuring that everyone, regardless of their ability, has an opportunity to play cricket. Jason is the force behind the Inclusion Cup, and currently runs an additional six inclusive cricket programs. He also runs or supports several other junior cricket programs in southern Tasmania.

Through Jason’s drive and determination, the Hurricane’s Inclusion Cup has grown exponentially from just six participants in 2016 to 150 participants lining up in 2018.

Jason works to establish partnerships with other organisations to spread the benefit of these inclusion programs. He encourages the players to take on leadership roles like coaching and umpiring, further developing their self-worth and confidence.

Jason exudes energy and positivity and many parents have expressed their joy at seeing their children feeling happy and included. The skills that participants are developing transfer to their daily life, further developing confidence and independence.

Christine Timms – Parkrun Australia

Christine Timms is the primary organiser for Parkrun Tasmania—a free, weekly running or walking event that is held in parks and open areas all around the state.

Christine has devoted thousands for hours to help volunteers and communities create these safe, inclusive spaces for those wanting to exercise, volunteer or simply engage with others. Through her work with Parkrun, Christine has created a non-competitive, inclusive environment for Tasmanians to participate together with a focus on encouragement and positivity.

Christine has secured numerous funding grants for Parkrun. Working with sponsors, local governments, and event teams to ensure resources, quality, and health and safety compliance of the events. Her enthusiasm and dedication have grown the weekly event from two locations in 2014 to 14 run events in 2018.

Christine is tireless in her support and encouragement of over 120 volunteers, providing advice, guidance and kind words to help develop skills that many believed were out of their reach.