TasTAFE Education Science and Technology Award

This Award recognises volunteers that help Tasmanians of all ages develop their learning and literacy skills; their practical, technical or IT skills; and also those volunteers that collect, count, observe and/or help our scientists in other ways to get the data they need. These volunteers are everywhere – classrooms, libraries, neighbourhood houses, community access centres, men’s sheds, in front of their own computer; in a car, inside, outside, wherever they can help.


Jannie Fahey – Aurora Disability Service

Jannie volunteers two days a week training people with disabilities to help develop their independence. She has an innate ability to think creatively to train people in a range of life skills including using public transport and public speaking.

Her support with communication skills means that the trainees feel more confident in themselves and develop stronger abilities to interact and participate in Aurora’s regular social functions like dances and ten-pin bowling.

Jannie uses her excellent understanding of learning styles to support not only trainees but other support workers. She often implements new methods, programs and strategies for various trainees, furthering their knowledge and life skills.

Jannie lives with disability herself and shows great commitment in driving from Central Highlands to Glenorchy to work with people who need support. She has enormous empathy for others and takes the time to really understand what another person may be going through.

The finalists are:

Bethany Innes – The Smith Family

Bethany volunteers with the Smith Family after-school Learning Clubs, supporting students using fun, engaging activities to enhance their school experience and develop their literacy and numeracy skills. She gives her time to two Learning Clubs each week, and prepares activities in her own time, while also working, studying and volunteering elsewhere in her community.

Bethany’s enthusiasm and willingness to try anything are infectious, and the students gain a lot from her involvement. She has made a lasting impression on the students. Bethany builds positive relationships, provides good direction and assists young learners when they are struggling, and also if they wish to advance academically.

She cheerfully takes students and new volunteers under her wing to provide a positive learning environment. Bethany is a positive influence on all of the students, who gain immensely from her involvement at the Learning Clubs.

David Kewley – Beacon Foundation

David Kewley volunteers for the Beacon Foundation as a motivational speaker, role model, and mentor to Tasmanian students. He is passionate about engaging young people in career- and life-planning, to inspire and motivate young Tasmanians to reach their full potential.

Beacon relies on David for his vibrant approach and ability to engage his young audience by openly sharing the stories of his personal career journey. His ability to encourages students to consider their options, set goals and be open to opportunity has inspired many students to consider career possibilities in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths.

David has directly affected the lives of over 1,000 young Tasmanians through his activities with Beacon. He gives freely and generously of his time to impart his knowledge and experience. Through his volunteer work, David has helped to shape the future or our workforce, encouraging young Tasmanians to create meaningful careers and positive contributions to local communities.