THE STATE OF VOLUNTEERING Symposium is a thought-provoking learning event, offering the perfect one day intensive that will provide a combination of professional development and deliver a deeper understanding of what is happening in the volunteering sector.

The Symposium will be the official launch of the 2019 State of Volunteering Report providing key state-wide insights into volunteering.

Explore and unpack key issues with like-minded people and together we can shape the future of volunteering both in our organisations and in our state.

Inspiring keynotes, presentations, panels, workshops and sharing of ideas are just the start.


SYMPOSIUM is all about;

  • STATE OF PLAY… understand what is happening in our community and the sector in order to develop strategies that are informed and that deliver outcomes;
  • STATE OF KNOWLEDGE…highlighting international, national or local research and how it impacts on our volunteering practice;
  • STATE OF AFFAIRS… ensure organisational success by understanding key legal and HR issues that impact your volunteer management;
  • STATE OF MIND… mental health, self care and creating workplace cultures that drive optimal employee and volunteer outcomes;
  • STATE OF THE ART… utilise new and emerging technology to advance your organisation’s capabilities, capacities, communication with volunteers and inspire them towards the organisation’s shared mission and values.


Speakers have been selected based on their expertise, know-how, leadership and unique view on the State of Volunteering. They will inform and inspire. Speakers announced soon.


The future state of volunteering – changing the ways we think about volunteers

Volunteering is evolving and will continue to do so into the future. How do we ensure we are responding to our society’s needs while retaining the essence of what it is that enables volunteers to make a different? How do we hang on to the past without jeopardising the future? and What responsibility do we have for shaping the future state of volunteering in Australia and more globally? . Dynamic, reflexive and responsive volunteering and volunteer involving organisations are what we need to ensure that volunteers are able to continue to make a contribution to our ever-changing society. How can we be ready to meet this challenge?


Dr Megan Paull is senior lecturer in the Murdoch Business School at Murdoch University in Western Australia. Megan has been an active researcher in the volunteering area in Australia for over 25 years and has always tackled topics which challenge managers of volunteers. Her current research includes volunteering in aged care settings, bullying in volunteer settings and valuing volunteer managers. One aspect of research she particularly enjoys is running workshops and seminars, to ensure that her research is communicated back to the communities in which she is working.

An active volunteer, Megan currently serves on the board of Volunteering WA and on the Volunteering WA research committee. Megan was recently on the board of Volunteering Australia and was an active participant in their move from representative to skills based board, chairing their nominations committee during that process.

More information and full program to be released in early August.