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Emergency Services Award

Tasmania’s Emergency Services rely on a multitude of skilled volunteers to help respond to a fire, flood, medical emergency or other sudden crisis. These people volunteer all hours of the day or night, many of them on call and ready to drop everything, and they dedicate large amounts of personal time to training. The Emergency Services Award aims to recognise the formal Emergency Services volunteers, but also the ‘informal’ emergency volunteers – the ones who are there to after disasters to rebuild through the long recovery phase, the ones behind the scenes providing support to all affected, the ones helping people get back on their feet.

After more than four decades of service to the Tasmanian community, Lifeline remain steadfastly committed to their mission, which is to lead, develop and deliver programs and services that save lives and build emotional well-being and resilience.

The team of dedicated staff and more than 400 volunteers share a common vision:

A Tasmania free of suicide, where everyone meets challenges with strength and optimism.