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About us

Volunteering changes lives. Through volunteering, people from all walks of life, with all abilities, can build new skills, networks, and a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

As Tasmania’s Peak body for volunteering we make a positive impact on volunteerism, and as a result, we help to improve and sustain our wonderful community and the people within it.

We believe that all members of our community equally deserve the right to be included in volunteering and experience the benefits, regardless of their background or current situation.

Our mission is to create an environment which promotes and sustains effective volunteerism.

We deliver our mission in three key ways:

  • Supporting and facilitating pathways to volunteering for all members of the community, ensuring barriers to volunteering are minimised and opportunities are optimised
  • Providing information and advice to volunteer involving organisations and programs, helping them to effectively support all volunteers within their programs, and aiding them in recruitment of a variety of individuals
  • Influencing public policy and promoting research and debate

Our focus is balanced between the individuals that offer their time to the community and the organisations that involve them.

We connect with individuals and guide them towards volunteering roles that are a good fit for them; ensuring worthwhile experiences which enrich lives and provide purpose.

We work closely with Tasmanian organisations, particularly charities and Public Benevolent Institutions, to assist them to build their capacity to recruit volunteers and provide meaningful roles to anyone interested in experiencing the benefits of volunteering, and to provide professional and effective volunteer management programs.

To properly represent the volunteering industry and effectively direct our resources, all of our service delivery is underpinned by a robust evidence base.

Volunteering Tasmania is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to represent the interests of all Tasmanians involved in volunteering through research, consultation, policy development and community relationships.

Current reports

Audited Financial Report  2017-8

Annual Report 2017-18:  View online or download as .pdf (4.5 MB)

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