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List a role on Volunteer Connect

This service makes it easier for volunteers and organisations to find each other, and ensure a great match.

Through Volunteer Connect, volunteers can search the database for vacancies, and co-ordinators or managers like you can place free advertisements for volunteer positions.

To place a free advertisement you will need to first register with Volunteer Connect, using the form below, or the button on the right.

Once your registration has been processed you will be sent an email containing your login details. Please be aware that this may take up to a week.

Once your login details have been received, you will be able to list volunteer positions on Volunteer Connect Online.  To maximise your ad exposure and searchability, please review this Tip Sheet first.

Alternatively, you may like to speak to a staff member from Volunteering Tasmania. Free call us on 1800 677 895.

If you have no current vacancies yet have enquiries from the public on volunteering opportunities, please recommend Volunteer Connect, or call us for a one-to-one meeting with a Volunteering Tasmania Referral Officer.

We can provide your organisation with our DL leaflet “Volunteer Connect for Volunteers”, which outlines both Volunteer Connect and our Volunteer Referral Service, please contact us with your request, allowing a few days for postage.  A printable version of the DL can be downloaded here.

For more helpful documents, you might want to check out our Publications page.

Find out other ways Volunteering Tasmania can make your job easier in our For Organisations area.


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