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Emergency Volunteering

Volunteering Tasmania is proud to play a key role in connecting volunteers and their skills to people, places and organisations who need it most.

We maintain a database of ‘willing volunteers’, people who want to contribute in some way to help others through disaster recovery.

Emergency Volunteering Community Response to Extreme Weather, or EV CREW, is where new volunteers may be matched to an organisation involved in the disaster recovery.

It’s an effective and safe way to help your community.

You will be contacted if and when your availability, location and skills are needed. But be patient, it might take weeks or months as the needs of the local community are gauged and recovery programs begin.

If you have already registered for EV CREW, please make sure your details and availability is up to date. Similarly, if you are no longer available, please log in and de-register.

Volunteer Involving Organisations

Is your organisation receiving expressions of interest from people wanting to volunteer to help with the current emergencies around the state?

With the current situations, your team might not have the capacity to manage enquiries from the public wanting to volunteer.

Invite people to register on EV CREW via emergencyvolunteering.com.au/tas. Their skills, location and availability will be recorded and they’ll be contacted if and when their help is needed.

When your organisation is ready and you know what help you need, we may be able to source additional volunteers for you.

To register your organisation and volunteer requirements please contact Volunteering Tasmania Ph. 03 6231 5550 or email emergencyvol@volunteeringtas.org.au