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20 November 2015 – A rural event with a community focus

Agfest Field Days, a rural event attracting approximately 60,000 patrons and over 700 exhibitors, is the success story of volunteers working together for positive outcome and network development.

The Event is organised by Rural Youth Tasmania, reliant on voluntary support of the membership base to operate. In excess of 80 Rural Youth volunteers manage the coordination on the event, development, marketing, and workload.

Over 32 progressive years, the hard work and dedication of our previous committees and volunteer base has seen the opportunity to engage with external community groups within Tasmania with the provision of Community Group allocations.

Applications are considered for the 13 opportunities annually, with no set criteria to meet, only the availability to coordinate a team sufficient for the task on offer and that you must be a community group to submit a valid application. These opportunities are a great way to get involved with Agfest Field Days, gain additional funding for supply of service, and hold a presence in the community.

Agfest contributes approximately $15,000 per annum engaging the services of these Community Groups.

Another focus of Agfest Field Days is the many charitable organisations existing for cause within Tasmania. Introduced to the Field Days in 2014, awarded to Life Without Barriers in 2014, followed by the Royal Flying Doctors Service in 2015.

This initiative was established given the high magnitude of requests to support the many charities that exist. Each year the Committee awards one opportunity to be the Official Agfest Charity of Choice, providing a complimentary site allocation to the event, branding as Charity of Choice, invitation to all networking events ran during and after the Field Days plus fifty cents from each ATM transaction administered during the event.

Agfest Field Days is held at Quercus Park, Oaks Road, Carrick, and gates are set to open on Thursday 5th May 2016.

Are you a possible candidate for Community Group Applications or Agfest Official Charity of Choice for 2016 Field Days?

To submit your application go to www.agfest.com.au prior to the 1st December 2015. For any enquiries contact the Rural Youth Admin team on 6331 6154 during business hours.