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Welcome to our Publications page.  By expanding the tabs below you will find our most up-to-date volunteering resources for volunteering professionals, volunteers and advocates of the sector.   Please review our Fact Sheets for the latest information on volunteering facts, figures, science and research summaries.  Our Tip Sheets provide helpful advice for volunteer managers and coordinators on achieving positive outcomes in the best, most efficient and effective manner, as do our manuals and templates are useful planning tools.    Plus a host more volunteering-related resources and updates, please feel free to browse and download.

We are gradually loading our documents as they are reviewed. If you require something in particular that you can’t find here, feel free to contact us.  Please note that some of our accredited documents are accessible to members only.

Submission – DPAC regarding Tasmanian Women’s Strategy 2018-2021

Submission – DHHS regarding Home and Community Care Program Discussion Paper 

Consultation – LINC Tasmania on Lifelong Learning and Volunteering

Submission – Senate Committee on National Disability Strategy outcomes

Consultation – DHHS regarding volunteers under the new National Code of Conduct for Health Care Workers

Submission – Australian Bureau of Statistics on improving volunteering data

Volunteering Australia Federal Pre-Budget Submission 2017-18

Submission – The Peaks Network Tasmanian Government Budget Priority Statement 2017-18

Submission to the Fair Work Amendment (Respect for Emergency Services Volunteers) Bill 2016

Submission – Senate Inquiry into ABS 2016 Census

Letter to Attorney General – Community Legal Centres

Submission – Inquiry into broadcasting online content and live production to rural and regional Australia

Submission – Senate Inquiry into Aged Care Sector Workforce

Submission – Response to Hobart City Council Draft Strategic Plan

Submission – Working with Children Checks Review

Submission – Increasing Choice in Home Care

Submission – Senate Inquiry into Social Determinants of Health

Submission to the ALP Tasmanian Taskforce

Work for the Dole Position Statement

Submission on the “Re:think tax discussion paper” (June 2015)

Submission – the Arts Senate Inquiry

Submission – DSS Senate Inquiry

Letter to Minister Scott Morrison from Volunteering Tasmania regarding DSS funding applications 2014-15

Working with Vulnerable People Check our comments to the Attorney General April 2014

Working with Vulnerable People Check our response to the 2013 Bill

Letter to Senators and Ministers regarding ACNC Repeal

Media Release 4 Dec 2018 – Launch of 2019 Tasmanian Volunteering Awards

Media Release 5 Nov 2018 – International Volunteer Managers Day

Media Release 13 Aug 2018 – National Student Volunteer Week 

Media Release  21 May 2018 – Tasmanian Volunteering Awards Winners Announced

Media Release 17 Apr 2018 – Ambulance Tas Volunteer Project

Media Release 9 Apr 2018 – Volunteering in Sport Report

Media Release 3 Mar 2018 – Last Call for Nominations

Media Release 26 Feb 2018 – Volunteers to Create Human Pie Chart

Media Release 21 Dec 2017 – Funding Commitment Eases Pressure

Media Release 12 Dec 2017 – Corporate Volunteering Research Report released

Media Release 5 Nov 2017 – International Volunteer Managers Day-It’s not about the title

Media Release 3 Nov 2017 – Launch of 2018 Southern Cross Television Tasmanian Volunteering Awards

Media Release 5 Sept 2017 – Volunteering – Retire with Purpose

Media Release 11 Aug 2017 – Funding for volunteers is not a priority

Media Release 21 July 2017 – Symposium Spotlights Volunteer Safety

Media Release 8 May 2017 – Winners Announced for Tasmanian Volunteering Awards

Media Release 7 May 2017 – Tasmanian Government commits funding for disaster recovery volunteering

Media Release 14 Mar 2017 – National Volunteer Advocacy Campaign to ramp up

Media Release 17 Feb 2017 – Motion against $7.4 million Federal funding cut to volunteer support services offers hope

Media Release 10 Feb 2017 – Volunteering Tasmania to lobby against Federal Budget Cuts to Volunteering Support Services

Media Release 18 Jan 2017 – The 2017 Southern Cross Television Tasmanian Volunteering Awards – Nominations Now Open

Media Release 21 Dec 2016 – Volunteering Tasmania announces new CEO

Media Release 5 Dec 2016 – Launch of the Southern Cross Television 2017 Tasmanian Volunteering Awards

Media Release 4 May 2016 – 12 million cut an affront to volunteers

Media Release 12 April 2016 – Finalists for the Tasmanian Volunteering Awards

Media Release 6 April 2016 – Volunteering Tasmania CEO presents ground-breaking research on the national stage

Media Release 24 Feb 2016 – Tasmanian Volunteering Awards 2016

Media Release 27 January 2016 – New service invites volunteers to register

Media Release 22 Jan 2016- Government responds to Senate Inquiry into botched DSS funding process

Media Release 4 December 2015 – Awards launch and IVD

Media Release 5 November 2015 – New calculator for managers of volunteers

Media Release 18 September 2015 – Opportunity for the Federal Government to reconnect with NFP sector

Media Release – 30 July 2015 – New definition of volunteering released

Media Release 1 July 2015 – ABS data points to a decline in volunteering

Media Release 13 May 2015 – Volunteering Tasmania receives state funding and Peak body status

Media Release 11 May 2015 – Lets make Tasmania the happiest place on earth

Media Release 15 May 2015 – How do we keep our volunteers happy – National Volunteer Week 2015

Media Release 13 April 2015 – Young people share moving stories of kindness through imagery

Statement from the CEO regarding DSS funding 20 March 2015

Media Release 18 March 2015 – Volunteering organisations tied up in DSS grants process and facing an uncertain future

Letter to the Editor – Response to Eric Abetz opinion piece about Work for the dole

Media Release 27 February 2015 National Review issues paper launched

Media Release 4 December 2014 – State of Volunteering Report 2014 – Could volunteering save Tasmania’s economy New data suggests it can.

Media Release 26 February 2015 – Volunteering Tasmania and UTAS to challenge the ‘me generation’ myth