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Economic Value of Volunteering in Tasmania Report

On 12 May 2014, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier, Guy Barnett MP, released the 2014 Economic Value of Volunteering in Tasmania report as part of the launch of National Volunteer Week.

At the invitation of the Department of Premier and Cabinet, consultants at the Institute of Project Management offered an analysis of the economic value of volunteering in Tasmania using a cost replacement methodology.  This format was consistent with similar research done in other Australian jurisdictions.

The report offers some significant insights that allow for high-level comparisons between Tasmania and other Australian regions on the state of volunteering.

It should be noted, however, that this report highlights that the current approach for measuring volunteering consistently (and significantly) undervalues volunteering.

We were able to act on these recommendations to collaborate further with Paul Muller and the Institute of Project Management team in the State of Volunteering:Tasmania 2014 Report, to produce a larger scale piece of research that more fully shows the economic impact of volunteering in Tasmania.