State of Volunteering: Tasmania 2012 2017-10-25T11:33:40+00:00

State of Volunteering: Tasmania 2012

The State of Volunteering: Tasmania 2012 Report (SOVR 2012) continues our work in providing a clear picture of volunteering in Tasmania. The 2012 report is significant because the findings help Tasmania’s volunteer sector strategically plan for the future.

Tasmania’s population is ageing faster than the rest of Australia. Recognising this crucial challenge for the State, the SOVR 2012 brings together Tasmanians, Volunteer Involving Organisations (VIOs), national and global researchers and thinkers, businesses and government to investigate the impacts of this trend on the volunteer community in Tasmania. It offers ways forward for VIOs, businesses and government to plan for Tasmania’s future population and volunteers using a sound evidence base.

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