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State of Volunteering: Tasmania 2014

Volunteering Tasmania’s State of Volunteering: Tasmania 2014 Report (SOVR 2014) provided ground breaking research into the volunteering industry. The 2014 Report continued our trend of pioneering unique and insightful research to capture the profile of volunteering in Tasmania.

The State of Volunteering: Tasmania 2014 Report uses a cost benefit analysis to estimate the value of the unique cluster of activities that go into volunteering. To our knowledge it is the first time a full cost benefit analysis of volunteering has occurred in a defined region; and the first time that an accurate reflection of the social, cultural and economic value of volunteering has been achieved.

This report was produced in collaboration with Paul Muller and the Institute of Project Management, who provided the economic framework to locate the value of volunteering in Tasmania.

Valuing volunteering in Tasmania is complex. However, in today’s climate, numbers count and dollars count. Knowing how our industry operates and its worth is important.

In our daily life, Volunteer Involving Organisations and Managers of Volunteers are so often asked to estimate what a volunteer program costs, and what it is worth.

As the Peak body for volunteering in Tasmania, it is important to us that we have numbers that accurately reflect the value of volunteering.

If you would like a copy of the printed foldable A2 poster, please  contact us.