20 April 2016 – Volunteering as a pathway to employment 2016-04-20T03:46:34+00:00

20 April 2016 – Volunteering as a pathway to employment

We recently received this story from one of our member organisations. It is a lovely example of how volunteering really can change lives.

‘Mary is a middle aged woman who had been happily employed for the most part of her adult life until a terrible work place chain of events in September 2012 put her on the unemployed list.

Mary suffered post-traumatic an anxiety stress due to the nature of her situation and found it hard to trust potential employers or even contemplate entering back into the work force.

In January 2015 Mary considered the concept of Volunteering as pathway back into employment.

The idea of volunteering of her own free will, less pressure and having a real sense of value to the community, made sense to Mary. So, in January 2015 Mary contacted a community service organisation to set up a meeting to discuss a potential volunteer role.

In March 2015 Mary commenced her volunteer role as an Administration Officer. By the 30th of March her employer recognised Mary’s potential and offered her casual employment.

August 2015 Mary’s Employment ceased due to reductions in funding for the community service program. In September a position became available and Mary was re-employed on a casual basis, by January 2016, Mary was employed full time.

After interviewing Mary I asked the question, “How has volunteering improved your life?”

Her response was, “I feel valuable, empowered and my anxiety is slowly but surely fading away!”’